Saskatoon Talks Trash

To help us achieve the goal of 70% waste diversion by 2023, the City is redesigning residential curbside waste collection and we need your input.

Between February 12 and March 6, 2018, there are a series of public engagement opportunities to look at the priorities, preferences, and barriers that might impact a redesigned curbside waste collection system.

Everything is on the table. The curbside collection redesign will include a review of the current containers and collection frequency for garbage and recycling, development of a Pay-as-You-Throw (PAYT) waste utility (garbage will not be weighed), introduction of residential city-wide (mandatory) composting and evaluation of depots and other waste services.

Curbside Collection Redesign is the first step. Multi-unit and business waste redesign processes are coming. While we are starting by redesigning residential curbside collection, the City will be developing waste diversion and reduction strategies for all sectors.

The Path Forward. The City of Saskatoon wants to have a curbside waste collection system that is easy to use, that works for all residents and that diverts more waste from the landfill.  A new program will not be in place before 2019. 

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